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Legal Representation After a Bus Accident Wrongful Death

Bus accidents have the potential to claim the lives of innocent passengers, pedestrians and occupants of smaller vehicles. Riders are at particular risk because the majority of buses provide no safety restraints, not even seat belts. Out-of-control buses may throw passengers around their interiors or eject them through windows and doors. If a bus accident in New Jersey takes the life of someone you love, you may have cause to pursue a wrongful death case against the bus company and any other responsible party whose negligence caused or contributed to the fatal crash.

While bus accident statistics have been disputed, it can be agreed upon that large buses pose a serious risk to passengers, other vehicles and pedestrians.

Any number of occurrences may cause a fatal bus accident, many of which are outside the control of the driver, bus company or other party. However, there are several avoidable factors that attentive driving or careful maintenance should prevent, including these:

  • Driver negligence
    Examples are fatigue, alcohol or drug use and speeding.
  • Dangerous roadways
    Unrepaired potholes, lack of guardrails or inadequate street lighting can make a roadway dangerous.
  • Defective bus components
    Faulty brakes, tires or electrical wiring can cause an accident.
  • Improper bus maintenance
    Steering fluid or brake fluid leaks or a lack of general upkeep can lead to a crash.

Who is Responsible for a Fatal Bus Accident in New Jersey?

The presence of any of these factors indicates you have cause to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a family member killed in a bus accident. Such lawsuits can be complicated as you may have legitimate damage claims against more than one defendant. Potential defendants include the following:

  • Bus driver
  • Bus company
  • Bus maintenance facility
  • Bus parts supplier
  • Government or public entities responsible for roadway maintenance and safety

Bus companies may owe what is termed the "utmost duty of care" to riders injured or killed in an accident, but are also potentially accountable for the death of a pedestrian, driver or passenger of another vehicle. It is therefore worth your while to pursue claims against the bus company if a bus struck your family member while he or she was walking or driving a car.

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