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Legal Help for Elderly Victims of Fall Injuries

If you or your loved one has sustained an injury in a slip and fall accident caused by another party, it is vital that those responsible for the accident are held accountable for all resulting damages, including medical expenses, pain and suffering and more. An experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney can help you establish a successful injury claim against the liable party.

Contact the compassionate NJ elderly slip & fall accident attorneys at Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. today and we will get started on your case right away. By retaining evidence that supports your claim and formulating an effective legal strategy, we will ensure that you get the compensation you need to make a full recovery. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your case, feel free to call our excellent staff at (609) 240-0040. We offer free initial consultations.

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One out of five falls among senior citizens results in serious injury, such as fractured bones or head injuries.

Why Are the Elderly Falls So Bad?

Many elderly people, in order to simplify their lives and make living conditions as safe as possible, either choose, or their family chooses on their behalf, to live in assisted care facilities. It is the responsibility of these facilities, including hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, to provide safe living conditions for all people who pass through them. Unfortunately, dangerous conditions are neglected on a frequent basis, and elderly patients are injured in falls as a result. Common slip, trip and fall hazards in assisted care facilities include:

  • Muscle weakness and other issues with mobility
  • Slick floors and debris
  • Poor lighting
  • Incorrect bed height
  • Improperly fitted or maintained wheelchairs

Getting Justice in New Jersey

You or your elderly loved one should not have to suffer due to the negligence of a care facility or other party. However, without legal representation from a qualified professional, you may be left having to pay for the consequences all by yourself. Don't let justice get away. Contact the dedicated New Jersey slip and fall attorneys at Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. today. We will put in our fullest efforts to get you the monetary compensation you deserve to help combat the costs of injuries and build a better future.

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The firm’s principals, Gabriel R. Lependorf and David E. Silverstein, have each been representing injured victims in the State of New Jersey for over twenty five years.

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