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Child birth is the most momentous of occasions for any family. But you must remember that your newborn child has rights too. If you feel that your child has suffered from a birth injury, through either negligence on your physician's part or some other form of faulty care, please don't hesitate to contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer at Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. today.

Birthing Trauma

According to the American Medical Association, studies have shown that "mechanical birth-associated trauma must be considered when assessing anomalies, injuries, respiratory difficulty, or feeding difficulties in the neonate or infant. A comprehensive approach is required to diagnose and manage these patients." Problems brought about by birth injury are serious, and can have adverse affects on your child's well-being. Preventative measures should not only be taken during childbirth, but immediately beforehand as well.

Birth injury is simply defined as trauma suffered by a newborn during childbirth.

Causes of Birth Injuries

Birth injury can be the result of care given to an expectant mother. Prior to delivery, if the mother is given an improper dosage of medication, then that medication can affect the well-being of her unborn child. Even worse, if the wrong medication is given to an expectant mother, the risk of allergic reaction is not only faced by the mother, but her unborn child as well.

During the birthing process, it is important that the child is delivered properly. Traditional birth (through the birth canal) is not always the best method for bringing a child into this world. Sometimes a cesarean section is required. A cesarean section is when incisions are made through a woman's abdomen and uterus to deliver a baby. This method is used when traditional vaginal delivery poses some sort of risk to either the mother or the child.

Liability for Serious Injuries in NJ

It is extremely important that the birthing situation is properly diagnosed in order to minimize risk of harm for both the mother and child. Historically, the percentage of cesarean sections performed has consistently risen over the years, leading some people to question whether or not the best intentions of the child are always being taken into consideration. Your child has every right to a safe birthing process, and you have a right to seek compensation if your child's safety has been neglected. The costs of medical bills and ongoing medical treatment, not to mention emotional pain and distress of a birth injury, don't have to be your responsibility alone.

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