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The personal injury attorneys of Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. are dedicated to helping accident victims by providing smart, aggressive legal representation and superior results. For a complimentary review of your case and to see how our attorneys can help you, please contact us at (609) 240-0040.

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Personal Injury

Personal injury refers to the types of injuries that may happen due of the negligence of another party, including injuries to the mind, body, or a person's emotions. Any personal injury victim who has been harmed due to another person's negligence can hold the at-fault party legally responsible and can seek compensation. Compensation can be sought for lost wages, medical bills, and even pain and suffering. The legal team at the New Jersey injury law firm of Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. have years of experience helping personal injury victims, and we can help you receive the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

Car Accident

With the thousands of residents traveling on the roads each day, being involved in an auto accident is a very real possibility, and a crash can result in serious injuries. Car accidents are one of the more common types of personal injury cases, and in order to receive full compensation, gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses can help the injured party win their case. However, following a traumatic event, gathering evidence to win a case against the party who caused the accident should be the last thing on your mind. At Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. we have helped many car accident victims successfully win the compensation they need to move on after a devastating auto accident.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation, or workers' comp, is a type of insurance paid for by companies to provide benefits to employees who suffered from an occupational illness or injury. Workers' comp provides benefits, such as wage replacement and money for medical bills and prescriptions, to employees while they are recuperating and unable to return to work. An on-the-job injury or illness can be quite distressing, and when an employee is denied their deserved compensation, it can make an already difficult situation more challenging.


Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents are very common; thousands are injured each year in these types of accidents which typically occur on another person's property. A slip and fall accident lawsuit is based on a claim that the owner of a property or building was negligent in allowing a dangerous condition to exist that caused the victim's slip or trip accident. A property owner is responsible for maintaining a safe and risk free premises, but when they do not alert others of a hazard or fail to fix it, a slip and fall accident victim may have a case against the negligent property owner.

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I truly can not thank you enough for the hard work and dedication that you put into my personal injury always hung in there with me and treated me with the utmost respect. The way you handled the defense attorney, insurance company representative and even the Judge, was masterful! You are one of a kind and I feel very fortunate to have had you on my side.