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Wrongful Death – Common Reactions to Uncommon New Jersey Tragedy

By Lependorf & Silverstein on April 18, 2016

Everyone processes death differently. Some internalize their pain. Some take on extra work or new projects to push past the trauma. Others express their frustration openly. Reactions vary per person and the relationship involved. But if the death was unexpected, a person’s reaction can be confusing and sometimes frustrating – especially if they were a close relative or loved one.

Unfortunately, these emotions are only further complicated if the death could have been prevented. Whether the person was killed in a car collision, botched medical procedure, or something else, hardly matters. To the surviving family members, all that matters is the loss – and the terrible knowledge that it all could have been avoided. Processing such a tragedy often leads people to a number of difficult emotional benchmarks. When dealing with the tragedy of losing a loved one, always remember:

Anger Is Normal – When a sudden death takes place, there is generally a level of anger that accompanies it. This stems from the senselessness of the loss. This outrage must be expressed otherwise it may go “underground” where “it will inevitably manifest in other destructive ways.”
Shock Can Be Overpowering – The fact is, losing a loved one can be a powerful event. If the loss was sudden out of the blue, it can put a person into a complete state of shock. Such events can take a very long time to process.
Find Answers – Human beings in general do not do well with the “unknown.” We want answers, for even the smallest things. So it should be no surprise that when a sudden or wrongful death takes place, we want answers. The trick is finding the right answers to the right question.

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