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Crashes, Large Trucks, and Liability, Oh My!

By Lependorf & Silverstein on November 22, 2017

“I was crossing the street to get to my apartment on my way home from a friend’s comedy show when it happened. I had the right of way. The driver ran a red light. I saw him coming before it was too late to get out of the way….I turned my body at an angle at the last possible second, and felt about 23,000 pounds smash into me at 25 miles an hour. My body was flung out of the way of the wheels, and I landed on my back, hard. My shoes popped off like a cartoon character.” Read the rest »

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What Happens After Getting Injured by a Drunk Truck Driver in New Jersey?

By Lependorf & Silverstein on October 17, 2016

big-rig-accident-2Injured By a Drunk Truck Driver

Getting injured by an intoxicated truck driver is a horrible experience that many victims will never forget. When a truck driver fails to drink responsibly, he or she can place numerous lives at risk. Fortunately, there are legal options available to the victims of drunk drivers, even if the responsible party is not convicted in a criminal court. Continue reading to learn how you can get the justice you deserve after a drunk truck driving accident.

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New Jersey Trucking Company Negligence

By Lependorf & Silverstein on September 9, 2016

truck_2033545Internet sales have become a huge part of the American economy. Every day millions of people buy and sell items online to be delivered to homes and businesses. Items like food, clothes, sporting goods, and toys are commonly purchased online and quickly delivered to homes and workplaces across the United States. With all these deliveries in process, New Jersey roadways can become quite congested. The already busy network of roads hosts a vast number of delivery trucks on any given day. Read the rest »

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New Jersey Delivery Truck Accidents

By Lependorf & Silverstein on September 1, 2016

truck_accident-2311686New Jersey’s busy roadways host a multitude of drivers every day. People across the state are constantly commuting for work and leisure. With so many people on the move, it’s imperative that drivers always travel safely. Because even when traffic is at it’s smoothest, accidents still occur. Because of the inherent dangers on the road, jobs that require driving take measures to assure the safety of their employees. Since a sizable portion of traffic is comprised of delivery drivers, companies like Fed-Ex, UPS, and the Postal Service vet their drivers and encourage safety. Even with these measures in place, however, delivery drivers still find themselves getting into accidents. Read the rest »

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Top Causes of New Jersey Big Rig Accidents

By Lependorf & Silverstein on June 24, 2016

It’s common to see big rigs making their way across United States highways and coming in and out of New Jersey every day. With their large size and weight, they take up a good deal of the road, which can be a bit frightening to smaller motorists caught driving in close proximity. This fear is completely substantiated considering the numerous collisions that happen each year between semi-trucks and passenger vehicles.

When these types of accidents occur, it almost always means a hazardous scenario for the people in the car, who were likely not able to get out of the way of the massive truck in time. Even with extensive training on how to avoid crashes, truck drivers still find themselves in situations that lead to serious collisions. Some of the most common causes, as reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), include: Read the rest »

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Injuries Commonly Suffered in New Jersey Big Rig Accidents

By Lependorf & Silverstein on June 21, 2016

Being involved in a collision with a semi-truck is a traumatic encounter that is likely to leave those in a passenger car with severe injuries. The nature of a truck’s size and weight makes it almost impossible for those in smaller vehicles to escape unscathed. Dangerous and deadly big rig accidents occur all the time along the highways, making it understandably scary for New Jersey drivers to share the roadways with them. With little to no reaction time when you’re up against the large form of a commercial truck, lives can be changed in an instant.

Prompt medical treatment is always recommended in big rig accidents, regardless if you feel fine in the immediate aftermath. Injuries can be developing internally without your knowledge and causing even more health problems. It helps to know what some of the most common injuries sustained in a semi-truck crash are so you can understand what to watch out for in your own situation. Read the rest »

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3 Common Causes for New Jersey Big Rig Accidents

By Lependorf & Silverstein on June 17, 2016

Recently, an out-of-state truck driver was heading down Route 31 in New Jersey when his truck left the road and hit a tree, killing the driver instantly. This is tragic news, and just one of the many truck accidents that happen all too often on New Jersey’s highways.

When tractor trailers are in accidents, the consequences are usually much more severe than if the accident had involved a passenger vehicle. But, how do trucks get into accidents in the first place? The sad truth is that even though big rig drivers are highly trained, sometimes accidents do still happen. And when they do, they can often be traced back to one of these three most common causes for New Jersey big rig accidents: Read the rest »

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Who Is Responsible for a New Jersey Rollover Truck Accident?

By Lependorf & Silverstein on May 6, 2016

Rollover accidents are among the most fatal types of accidents that occur on U.S. roads, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). When a large truck is involved in a rollover, the results can be even more deadly. A large truck has significantly more weight and momentum than a passenger car, so when it rolls over, more damage can result.

When a New Jersey Rollover Truck Accident Occurs, Who is at Fault?

While each case is different, here are some of the first places an experienced New Jersey rollover truck accident attorney will look to see whether negligence was involved: Read the rest »

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Violent Middleton Crash Kills One, Injures Three Others

By Lependorf & Silverstein on February 18, 2016

A tragic early morning accident has left one person dead and three other individuals in the nearby hospitals. The incident occurred just before 7 a.m. along the Garden State Parkway near Middleton. Police arriving at the scene found a Ford F-150 flipped over and resting in the grassy median.

Investigators believe that the truck was traveling southbound when, for reasons that have yet to be determined, the truck lost control, swerved into the express lane, and flipped over. The Monmouth County Prosecutors Office is investigating possible reasons for the sudden maneuver. Read the rest »

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Jackknifed Roxbury Truck Engulfs SUV in Flames

By Lependorf & Silverstein on February 7, 2016

Two drivers caught in the wake of a jackknifed big-rig avoided serious injury this past week, despite the fireball that followed. The accident occurred around before dawn on a recent Sunday morning along Route 80 near Roxbury. The 2004 Freightliner tractor-trailer was heading west when it lost control on the snowy road, which caused it to jackknife over three lanes. Two vehicles – 2008 Toyota SUV and a 2009 Honda SUV – struck the trailer half of the vehicle as it came to rest. Shortly after the collision, the Toyota was engulfed in flames.

Officials aren’t sure how the fire started, or how the people managed to escape the flames. Despite the fire and jackknife, everyone involved walked away from the collision with only minor injuries. Both SUV drivers were transported to the Morristown Medical Center and later released. The crash shut down Route 80 for over an hour while troopers investigated the scene. Read the rest »

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