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Tips for Preventing Slip and Fall Injuries in Younger Children

By Lependorf & Silverstein on July 28, 2015

Child Slip and Fall While there has been much media focus recently on the dangers of slip and fall injuries for older Americans, young children are also at a higher risk for these injuries. New Jersey children require treatment in hospital emergency rooms due to slip, trip, or fall injuries each day. Infants and toddlers who are just learning to walk are at a particular risk.
Parents, teachers, and caregivers can do much to help kids practice walking safely. If your child is injured due to negligence, talk to an experienced Princeton slip and fall injury lawyer for advice.

Easy Ways to Avoid Slip and Falls

  • Watch and pay attention. Kids need to stay safe, but they also need to practice crawling and walking independently.  The best thing to do is to watch, listen, and stay near your child. If you need to step away, make sure your child is in a crib, playpen, or an area with no steps or other elevated surfaces to fall from (such as a room with baby gates in the doorways).
  • Stay in constant contact when the child is on a high surface. If your child is on a changing table or other surface above the floor, keep one hand on the child at all times.  It only takes a second for a wiggly infant or curious toddler to slip over the edge and be injured.
  • Make windows safer. Many children love looking out of windows or sitting on ledges.  You can improve safety around windows by installing locks and window guards.  Never trust that window screens will hold your child in – most are designed to pop out easily for replacement or in case of emergency.

If your child is injured in a slip and fall, do not hesitate to seek out medical assistance. The first step should always be to care for your child’s well-being. The next step is to seek out the help of an experienced New Jersey slip and fall injury lawyer for advice on your child’s safety and rights. Contact the Law Firm of Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. today.

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