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Sprained, Strained & Drained in NJ – Compensation For Torn Ligaments

By Lependorf & Silverstein on March 19, 2016

We all know what black ice is – or at least we should. Black ice is a thin layer of nearly transparent frost that forms along the road when the temperature reaches the freezing point. Once the wind chill starts to drop, weathermen begin putting out the black ice warnings to motorists and big rig drivers. But, unfortunately, pedestrians don’t seem to get the warning they should. Black ice is just as dangerous for folks commuting by foot. All it takes is one brisk walk to the subway platform or parking lot, on that below freezing morning, and next thing you know – you’ve got a sprained ankle or wrist.

So, the question becomes: can you get compensated for your slip, trip, or fall injuries? After all, black ice is fairly hard to spot and it can exist anywhere that has enough pavement. Are the owners of the property in which you fell responsible for your medical bills? In short – it depends. If the property in which you sprained your ankle failed to properly salt the pavement or remove the black ice in a timely fashion, you could be able to pursue damages for your injuries. There are also a variety of other factors that will come into play, such as the degree of your injuries, as well as any steps you may have take that contributed to the accident.

Ultimately, you’ll need to review your case with a dedicated personal injury attorney. Only a professional counselor will be able to accurately determine if you have a case and how much it may be worth. But, don’t delay – medical bills can pile up quickly following a slip, trip or fall, and property managers can try to cover up any wrongdoing.

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