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Product Liability Archives - New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys

The Danger at Home: Recalled Products

By Lependorf & Silverstein on December 26, 2018

Most people don’t realize that millions of products sold in the United States are recalled nearly every month. As the holidays come and go and we’re out purchasing and exchanging gifts, it’s important to be aware of which toys, tools, and other items can cause harm to their recipient. Read the rest »

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The Unexpected Ways Your Cell Phone Could Harm You

By Lependorf & Silverstein on December 1, 2017

You know that you are more likely to be injured if you use your phone while driving or walking. In fact, the level of danger is probably worse than you think. Read the rest »

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Recall on Faulty Bicycle Shock Absorbers

By Lependorf & Silverstein on January 18, 2017

Mountain bikes are expensive pieces of equipment, and cyclists depend on the quality of their manufacturing. If something goes wrong while riding, cyclists are at risk of serious injury or even death. Shock absorbers are a critical component of mountain bikes that ensure a smooth ride on difficult terrain. Read the rest »

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Protecting Your Children From Defective Car Seats

By Lependorf & Silverstein on December 19, 2016

In this day and age of heightened safety concerns, it would be impossible to imagine someone driving with a small child who wasn’t secured in a car seat for protection. But it actually wasn’t that long ago that no one used car seats. Read the rest »

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

By Lependorf & Silverstein on October 31, 2016

Here at Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C., we firmly believe that product manufacturers have an obligation to market safe products to the public. Fortunately for consumers, this belief is also the law, but there are still companies who do not follow the rules. Releasing products before extensively testing them is dangerous, and can easily result in injuries among consumers, and even deaths. Keep reading to learn about the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall and how it impacts consumers.

Read the rest »

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Motorcycle Manufacturer Polaris Recalls “Slingshot” Roadsters

By Lependorf & Silverstein on February 2, 2015

Motorcycle manufacturer Polaris took steps recently to stop sales of its 2015 model year “Slingshot,” a three-wheeled motorcycle, and to recall those that have already been sold.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has also issued a recall.

Experienced New Jersey motorcycle accident attorneys follow recall news closely, aware of the risks that a hidden defect can pose to motorcycle riders.  In many cases, riders do not know their bike has a problem until a crash or other severe injury has already occurred.  This makes recall news vital to the safety of motorcyclists nationwide.

The recall focuses on problems in the upper pinion bearing in the steering rack assembly.  If the bearing disengages, the rider may lose control of the motorcycle, according to the NHTSA press release. Read the rest »

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