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What Easter Treats Are Enjoyed Around the World?

By Lependorf & Silverstein on April 18, 2014

New Jersey Law FirmSecond only to Halloween in terms of candy consumption, it’s hard to imagine Easter without the traditional chocolate rabbits, decorated candy eggs, and maybe a Peep or two when no one is looking.  These seasonal treats have become popular around the world, but at Lependorf & Silverstein, we couldn’t help but wonder what foods different countries eagerly anticipate during this worldwide spring holiday.

The following are some of the most unique and interesting Easter candies and foods from other countries that we wish were readily available here in New Jersey.

Edible Egg Shells – Germans enjoy eating chocolate Easter eggs like so many of us do, but through a unique process of sterilization and ingenuity, the German company Sweetique fills real egg shells with delicious hazelnut chocolate. The shells are not only beautifully decorated, but also entirely edible.

The Chocolate Bilby – In Australia, rabbits are such a nuisance for farmers and native wildlife that the Easter Bunny has been banished altogether and replaced by the Easter Bilby. This small, furry marsupial looks a bit like a rabbit, except for its long tail and pointy nose. The bilby is also an endangered creature and the chocolate bilbies are an attempt to spread awareness for saving the bilbies from extinction.

Butter Lambs – In Poland and Russia, in particular, the lamb takes center stage at many Easter meals. The butter is carved or molded into wooly lifelike sculptures and displayed on the dinner table before everyone digs in. Some carvers get so elaborate that there are even butter lamb carving contests.

Pretzels Knots – Pretzels may seem like a fairly common snack food, but these bread twists have a long history, reaching as far back as 12th century Germany, France, and Italy. The simple bread made of water, flour, and salt was easy to prepare and, just like Easter eggs, pretzels were once hidden for children to find on Easter morning.

“Jansson’s Temptation” – On the opposite end of the taste spectrum, Sweden enjoys a unique casserole of onion, eggs, herring, and pickled sardines with cream. It is a traditional dish often reserved for very special occasions. There are numerous stories about who Jansson was and how this particular meal became his temptation, but no one knows the true origin.

Tropical Easter Treats – When living in a country like Columbia where reptiles and giant rodents are more abundant than rabbits or chickens during the spring, the traditional Easter meal looks a little different. Many Colombians prepare green iguanas, slider turtles, and capybaras in celebration of Easter.

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