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Five Recycled Plant Holders That Will Make Your Garden Shine

By Lependorf & Silverstein on June 5, 2014

Recycle PlantingGardeners know they can spend a fortune on pots, crates, and other holders for plants.  But to ease the burden on your wallet and the environment, consider recycling any of these unique items into plant holders.  You’ll get a garden unlike any other on your block.

  1. Wooden Crates, Kegs, or Barrels
  2. A collection of old wooden containers gives a garden a great “rustic” feel. You can paint them to preserve them for longer, or simply let them sit out in nature in their unpainted state, gradually weathering to become part of the garden. Don’t forget to add drainage holes where necessary.

  3. Old Bathroom Fixtures
  4. Planting geraniums in an old toilet might seem silly – or it might be just to your taste.  Old sinks and bathtubs also make great planters.  Because the holes for plumbing in old bathroom fixtures are often larger than drainage requires, line the bottom with a layer of rocks before dumping in your potting soil.

  5. Old Work Boots or Rain Boots
  6. Punch small holes in the bottom of an old work boot or rain boot and line the bottom with small rocks before putting in potting soil.  Some plant species also like work boots with slits or holes punched along the sides for them to peek through, as well as holes in the top.

  7. Old Kitchen Containers
  8. Don’t just throw away old, mismatched, or cracked dishes, pots, or cookie tins.  Instead, use them as planters for small items.  Make sure you know what containers are made from before you put them into service, however: some glazes and metals will react with minerals in water or soil in ways that are bad for your plants.

  9. An Old Boat
  10. Old rowboats, kayaks, and canoes are surprisingly tough to get rid of.  If they’re too warped or cracked, they won’t float – but they’re so large that they’re also tough to dispose of easily.  If you have one of these old boats on your hands, repurpose it into a part of your garden.

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