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Questions for Victims Following a NJ Drunk Driving Accident

By Lependorf & Silverstein on March 7, 2016

Car accidents are overwhelming events. Whether you were in another car, riding your bike, on the back of a motorcycle, or walking across the street, there is nothing more frightening than facing down an out of control vehicle. This is especially true if the opposing driver is drunk or intoxicated. Due to their impaired motor function and lack of inhibition, drunk drivers are likely to cause much more damage than a sober driver.

Whatever the details of the drunk driving case may be, there are definitely questions that come up following such an incident. If you or a loved one have recently been involved in a drunk driving accident you may be asking one or more of the following questions:

Can I File a Claim Against The Restaurant or Bar That Served a Drunk Driver?

Yes, but it can be tricky. Under New Jersey’s Dram shop law, if you are injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, you may be able to hold the vendor that served them accountable. This is only possible if the person in question was visibly intoxicated, or the bartender in question knew the accused was under the age of 21 and served them alcohol. Anyone who throws a party or event can be held accountable in a similar fashion.

Can I Get Compensation For Pain And Suffering Following My DUI Accident?

Yes. A common misconception that many victims have is that they will only be able to collect on physical injuries and property damage. But, due to the horrific nature of DUI wrecks, individuals may also be able to claim special damages, such as emotional trauma, physical discomfort, loss of consortium, and any other permanent limitations.

How Long do I Have to File my Claim?

In the State of New Jersey, you have approximately 2 years from the date of your accident to submit your claim. States maintain a statute of limitations to avoid frivolous lawsuits clogging up the system. This includes any wrongful death claims.

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