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New Jersey Bicycle Accidents Caused by Dangerous Roadways

By Lependorf & Silverstein on February 10, 2014

Riding your bicycle can be an exhilarating and healthy way to get around New Jersey without having to pay for gas. However, bicycle riding can be extremely dangerous. In addition to worrying about drunk, distracted, and speeding drivers, you also have to contend with dangerous roadways. Many of New Jersey’s roadways are poorly lit, have inadequate shoulders, and/or do not have bike lanes.

When riding your bicycle, remember to ride with traffic, ride to the far right of the lane whenever possible, and always obey traffic lights and signs. Try to focus on the roadway, particularly on large potholes that are just one of many hazards which can make life difficult and dangerous for cyclists. Being completely focused on the roadway can help you avoid a crash.

Hazardous conditions that are extremely dangerous for cyclists include:

  • Uneven Roadways: Unless you are on a mountain bike, any change in the surface you are riding on can make you lose control. Try to avoid streets that have cracks, gravel, and rapid changes in elevation.
  • Potholes: Roadways that are not properly maintained may have large holes capable of breaking tires and bending wheels. If you strike one of these large holes, you may get thrown from your bike into traffic.
  • Poorly Lit Roadways: Visibility is key to staying safe. Try to choose popular roadways that have adequate street lighting.
  • No Shoulders or Bike Lanes: The state is not required to provide bike lanes on all busy roadways, but there should be safe shoulders for bicyclists in case of an emergency. It can be extremely dangerous to ride on a narrow roadway where there is nowhere to go to avoid a collision.
  • Debris: It is easy to lose control if your bicycle strikes any type of debris on the roadway.

If you are hurt while riding in New Jersey, make sure you call the authorities and photograph the conditions that contributed to the accident. After seeing a doctor, take the time to learn about your legal options. Financial support may be available for your injuries, damages, and losses.

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