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Driving Safely in Highway Work Zones

By Lependorf & Silverstein on July 16, 2015

Highway ConstructionEvery New Jersey driver knows that in the summer months, roadway construction sites abound.  According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), 4,400 people have died in work zone crashes nationwide in the past five years.  Eighty-five percent of those who lost their lives were driving a car or truck through the work zone when the crash occurred.  Over 200,000 people have been injured in construction zone accidents. At Lependorf & Silverstein, our experienced New Jersey car accident lawyers are dedicated to helping our neighbors avoid the serious harm that can result from a work zone accident.

Here are some tips for safer driving in work zones, courtesy of the Federal Highway Administration:

  • Keep your eyes peeled for construction zone lights, workers, and signs that traffic patterns are changing, such as brake lights and vehicles merging.
  • Minimize distractions inside your vehicle, so you can pay better attention to what is going on outside.  Put away your cell phone, turn down your music, ask passengers to help you keep an eye on surrounding traffic, and save food and drink for later.
  • Merge when the signs say merge.  Merge as soon as you can after you notice signs warning of a lane closure.  Watch your blind spots and use your signals to alert other drivers that you are merging.
  • Slow down.  Always travel at or below the posted speed limit in a work zone.  Workers may be standing just feet from the roadway, and bad weather or sudden traffic conditions can change the conditions in a work zone in an instant.  Travel at the speed that is safest for the conditions, even if it is below the posted speed limit.

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