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New Jersey Weather-Related Crashes Prove Fatal

By Lependorf & Silverstein on January 13, 2014

The past couple of weeks have been brutal for New Jersey drivers. According to a news report in WABC, there were dozens of ice-related accidents the morning of Jan. 10 that led to a number of injuries and two deaths.

In one of the fatal New Jersey crashes, a car lost control on the ice-covered Beaver Dam Bridge in Brick. A dozen vehicles were involved in the accident and one of the victims was struck after exiting his crashed vehicle.

Another person was killed after a New Jersey Transit bus crashed into a motor vehicle in Pine Hill. The 29-year-old female driver of a GMC Envoy was killed when her vehicle spun on the ice and was struck by the bus that could not stop in time.

In such hazardous conditions, it is highly advisable to stay home or avoid driving whenever possible. If you must drive, follow these winter driving tips:

  • Slow down. It is harder to stop on icy roadways. So slow down and brake early. This way, you’ll have more time to come to a complete stop.
  • Avoid the ice. It is sometimes difficult to see ice, but remaining focused on the roadway will increase your chances of avoiding a crash.
  • Leave more space between vehicles. You need about three times as much room when trying to stop in icy and snowy conditions.
  • Brake gently. If you brake hard, you are more likely to skid as your tires lock.
  • Know where you are. Use extra caution on bridges, overpasses, and less traveled roads.
  • Understand the capabilities of your vehicle. Not all four-wheel drive vehicles can handle all roadways. Understand the limitations of your vehicle.
  • Steer where you want to go. If you start to skid, steer in the direction in which you want the front wheel to go.

If you are injured during these dangerous winter months, make sure you look into your legal options. Financial compensation may be available for your medical bills, lost wages, and other related damages. The experienced New Jersey winter weather auto accident lawyers at Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. can provide you with information about pursuing your legal rights.

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