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New Child Car Seat Legislation For NJ

By Lependorf & Silverstein on August 8, 2015

New Jersey Car Seat RulesFor decades, New Jersey parents have had a wide range of choices when it came to child safety seats in their cars. For better or worse, regulations were broad enough to provide all sorts of possibilities when it came to traveling with your child. Most folks relied on car seat information or reviews from the Internet or other parents. In almost all cases, parents went with their gut to choose what would be the safest possible option. But new legislation, signed into law by Gov. Christie, will radically change the way parents buckle-up their kids. The code revisions will go into effect on September 1st and will help clarify the current regulations.

As initially reported by the Hoboken Patch, the updated regulations were proposed and sponsored by Senator Jim Beach who felt that the current laws were “antiquated” and in need of updating. “In New Jersey we have not updated our child seat safety laws in more than 30 years, which means we need to catch up with the modern capabilities,” Senator Beach said. The laws are now broken out into age and weight classes, ranging from infants to 8 year-olds. They regulate how a child must be situated and what kind of seat must be employed. Fines have also increased with the new laws, with the potential for a $75 penalty if caught breaking the law. 

When it comes to automobiles and child safety, parents can never be too safe. But, sometimes accidents happen that are completely outside the realm of their control. When that happens, legal action may be the only course of action to take. For more information about product liability and automobile accidents involving children, contact the New Jersey child car seat defect attorneys at Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. today.

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