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Driver Killed After Striking Deer in Montgomery

By Lependorf & Silverstein on January 21, 2014

A 57-year-old man was killed after his 2006 Dodge Ram pickup truck struck a deer, veered into a guardrail, and went into a ravine. According to an NJ.com news report, the fatal accident occurred on Route 206 in Montgomery. Officials say he was heading south when two deer entered the roadway. One of the deer entered the vehicle, struck the driver, and exited out the rear window during the crash. The driver was pronounced dead later at the hospital.

Many of the readers of this news report have pointed out that the local deer population is a real problem this year. Whether or not there is an overpopulation of deer in your area, it is important that you are on the lookout whenever you are behind the wheel. Here are a few tips on how to reduce your chances of being in a deer-related accident:

  • Heed warnings. Deer warning signs are typically only put in areas where there have been many reports of deer crossing. Slow down and stay alert.
  • Control your speed. If you are driving through an area that might have deer, slow down. You will have more time to avoid a collision if you are traveling at a reasonable speed.
  • Be prepared. If you are prepared to take evasive action, you will have a better chance of braking or changing lanes in time to avoid a collision.
  • Watch both sides of the road. Make it a habit to scan the roadway and to look in the grass and trees on either side of the roadway. Deer have been known to enjoy the grass down in the ditches between roadways. So they can appear from either side.
  • Use extra caution at sunrise and sunset. Deer tend to move around at dawn and at night.
  • Use your high beams. Increase your visibility when you are alone on the roadway by turning on your high beams. You should also make sure your windshield is clean and that you are in the center lane whenever possible.
  • Honk in short bursts. If there are no other cars around and the deer is far enough away, a few short honks may frighten the deer.

Remember to use caution on the roadway. Drive safely, attentively, and sober at all times. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash, please contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer from Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. to explore your legal rights and options.

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