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Driver Injured in Mercer County Rear-End Car Crash

By Lependorf & Silverstein on December 4, 2012

A 42-year-old New Jersey woman was injured in a recent Mercer County car accident involving a rear-end collision. According to a KTTN news report, the car crash occurred on Mercer County Route M. Officials say the 17-year-old driver of a truck rear-ended a vehicle that had slowed to make a left turn into a private drive. The female driver of the vehicle that was hit sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The teenage driver of the truck was not injured. It is not clear if he will be cited in connection with this rear-end collision.

It is common for rear-end collisions to result from careless driving. Drivers who are speeding have a harder time avoiding such collisions. Distracted motorists often fail to notice changes in traffic conditions until it is too late. Fatigued or intoxicated drivers have delayed reactions that can result in rear-end collisions as well.

Victims of negligent drivers can pursue financial compensation for their losses from the at-fault party. It is common, unfortunately, for drivers to deny responsibility for a crash and for insurance companies to deny injury claims. A skilled car accident attorney can ensure that the victim’s rights are protected.

A successful personal injury claim should include compensation for all of the losses suffered in the accident. Damages that should be covered include hospitalization expenses, emergency room costs, pain and suffering, lost past and future wages, and all other related damages.

The experienced Mercer County auto accident injury lawyers at Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. know how to determine liability for a crash. Our knowledgeable traffic accident lawyers provide free consultations at (609) 240-0040 to anyone injured in a New Jersey traffic accident.

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