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Keep Your Bicycle Fit for Riding: Know Your ABCs

By Lependorf & Silverstein on March 16, 2015

Not all bicycle accidents are caused by the negligence of a motorist.  In some cases, a hidden defect in a bicycle may cause an accident, or a bicycle that is poorly maintained may make an accident worse.

You can help reduce your accident risk and spot potential problems with your bicycle before your ride by giving your bike a quick inspection.  Teach kids to examine their own bikes for safety, too.  It’s a great way to encourage independence and confidence while also helping kids stay safe.

Bike Safety ABCs
The League of American Bicyclists recommends checking your bicycle before you ride by keeping your “ABCs” in mind: Air, Brakes, and Cranks and Chain.

  • Air:  Examine your tires for worn treads or cracks before you ride.  Check the air pressure, and make sure it is within the range recommended on the tire.  If it’s too low, add air to the tire before you ride.
  • Brakes:  Check your brake pads for wear, and make sure they only touch the tires when the brakes are engaged.  Also, make sure that when your brake handles are pushed in, that there is enough space between the brake and bike handles so that your fingers are not pinched.
  • Crank and Chain:  Make sure that no debris or dirt is clogging your bike chain.  Also, make sure the cranks on the bicycle are not loose, and tighten them if they can be pulled away from the bike frame.

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